Psycho-social Convergent Nucleus (NCP) – Latin American Memorial
“Authoritarian governments, traumatization and psycho-social reintegration process”

The psychological and social damage in the civil population provoked by state violence in the second half of the 20th century, in most Latin American countries, is great. Fear, as a repressive agent in each country in particular, had characteristics which, today, can be established (known) as similar for the whole subcontinent through tactics of social and military psychology, with proven scientific effectivity, to create fear in every aspect of daily life.

The organized violence developed a destructive strategy towards populations and social networks opposed to forced governments. This strategy did not only provoke (produce) innocent victims but also led to a reorganization of the civil population and projects in mental health to serve and protect the affected (victimized) population. People and institutions, active then in mental health, formed competent enclaves in the treatment of people and groups affected by the psycho-social trauma of the times.

This Nucleus of Psycho-social Convergence of the Memorial of Latin America (Sao Paulo, Brazil) propose to generate paths for mutual knowledge for the protagonists (then and now) in the area of psycho-social support and treatment of people and groups affected by extreme (limited) situations.

Our purpose is to create, develop and offer feedback to a network of psycho-social competency to approach all the implicit challenges in this legacy of an interactive bank data and a virtual locus of interaction.

Translation by: Dr. Marlinda Freire Lizama, Toronto View the call to action as pdf