Medical Ethics in Times of Crisis - Physicians under Military Dictatorships in South America

Autor: Horacio Riquelme

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Idioma original: German

otros idiomas: Spanish

Versiones en otros idiomas: Medizinische Ethik in Krisenzeiten - Ärzte zwischen Gehorsam und Auflehnung unter der Militärdiktatur in Südamerika / Ética Médica en Tiempos de Crisis - Los médicos y las dictadura militares en América del Sur

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Temas centrales: Phisicians-Professional ethics, Phisicians-Political activity, Politica prisoners-Mental health, Terrorism [Argentina-Chile-Uruguay], Political crimes and offenses

Palabras claves: Medical Ethics, Human Rights, Dictatorships in Latin America, History

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Medical ethics in times of crisis (Resumée)


How does a totalitarian period affect the living conditions and ethical views of doctors? This study argues that the intersection between medical ethics and human rights is decisive to elucidate the situation of doctors as actors during the military dictatorship in South America between 1972 – 1989.

Documentations of the role and importance of medicine during this period (in comparison to medical practices during the era of National Socialism in Europe) as well as a survey of medical actors who clearly positioned themselves politically (“Pro”, “neutral”, “in opposition”) provide an exemplary and deeply human picture of doctors in times of crisis and beyond.

The study’s unique contribution lies in its direct involvement of medical contemporary witnesses. As such, it reveals new findings and opens up methodological impulses for the academic community. For people generally interested in the topic, the study presents previously unavailable answers to the question which personal background led doctors to unconditional obedience or resistance against the totalitarian power structures of the dictatorship.

Año de impresión: 2018